LoopTimeDescriptionAction TagsPeople TagsDurationRatingSpeed
Loop0:04.07Corner by Cam to Caleb at the near post. Charlie with the follow up.Corner29. Cameron1521
Loop0:07.06Shot by Charlie, wide. Leadup from Evan, Dooley, EthanShot22. Charlie, 25. Luke, 27. Ethan F, 38. Evan2031
Loop0:09.33Good Free Kick by Evan, header by Ethan, Saved.Free Kick27. Ethan F, 38. Evan1521
Loop0:09.50Good header by DooleyGood Play25. Luke1021
Loop0:12.14Goal by Charlie. Great ball by Ethan and good run from Ewan, who hit the bar. 0 - 1Goal22. Charlie, 27. Ethan F, 35. Ewan3041
Loop0:16.45Shot by Ewan, wideShot35. Ewan2031
Loop0:17.42Shot by Jake, off the post. Great leadup from Evan, Josh, Jake, Ethan and through by Josh.Shot27. Ethan F, 32. Josh, 34. Jake, 38. Evan2031
Loop0:18.06Good ball by Charlie to Ewan, then over the top to Ethan with the shot. Wide.Good Play22. Charlie, 27. Ethan F, 35. Ewan2031
Loop0:21.11Good Goal by Jake, around the defender. Great leadup from Ethan who won the ball and Charlie with the assist. 0 - 2Goal22. Charlie, 27. Ethan F, 34. Jake2541
Loop0:23.12Shot by Ethan, high. Good drive into the boxShot27. Ethan F2031
Loop0:29.45Foul on Charlie - Penalty. Ball through by JakeFoul22. Charlie, 34. Jake1521
Loop0:30.21Goal by Charlie, from the spot. 0 - 3Goal22. Charlie1041
Loop0:33.47Shot by Ben, high. Over by JoshShot26. Ben, 32. Josh2031
Loop0:36.58Good cross from Josh into the box. Header from Charlie bounced over.Good Play22. Charlie, 32. Josh2031
Loop0:41.21Shot by Ben, over. Assist by JakeShot26. Ben, 34. Jake1831
Loop0:47.55Great transition from their free kick. Plenty of numbers in the box. Charge down from Ethan.Good Play27. Ethan F2331
Loop0:49.37Goal by Ben after a scramble in the box with Charlie and Jake. Cross in from Dooley. 0 - 4Goal22. Charlie, 25. Luke, 26. Ben, 34. Jake2541
Loop0:52.42Opposition Goal. Free kick, under the wall. 1 - 4 Opp Goal2021
Loop0:54.27Hard Shot by Joel, touched over. Shot33. Joel2531
Loop0:56.56Good footwork from CharlieGood Play22. Charlie2031
Loop0:57.44Shot by Ben, 1st time, wide. Cross in from Charlie.Shot22. Charlie, 26. Ben2031
Loop1:02.15Good Play by Dooley, but offside.Good Play25. Luke1431
Loop1:04.20Shot by Cam, over. Good leadup from Cabby and JakeShot34. Jake, 36. Ethan C, 29. Cameron2031
Loop1:05.56Cross from Jake into the box, intercepted. Ball through by Oscar.Good Play23. Oscar, 34. Jake2031
Loop1:06.10Another cross from Jake, intercepted, lead up from Josh. Out for a cornerGood Play32. Josh, 34. Jake2031
Loop1:13.01Goal by Oscar! 1st shot by Tye off the post and put through by Elijah. Oscar slots into the corner. Welcome back Oscar! 1 - 5Goal23. Oscar, 30. Tyrese, Elijah6541
Loop1:17.45Goal by Tyrese, great ball over by Ninness and good touch from Tye, smacked into the net. 1 - 6Goal30. Tyrese, 33. Joel2541
Loop1:20.38Good ball by Evan to Oscar. Shot blocked, back to Ben with a good ball to Tye, but offside.Good Play23. Oscar, 26. Ben, 38. Evan2231
Loop1:22.05How did Dooley keep that out? Off the line x 2.Good Play25. Luke1631
Loop1:23.09Great ball by Nate to Oscar who got a kick from the keeper.Good Play23. Oscar, 37. Nathaniel2031
Loop1:24.22Shot by Oscar, just wide. Leadup from Cabby.Shot23. Oscar, 36. Ethan C1531
Loop1:25.13Celebration!! WIN 1 - 6Celebration10021