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LoopTimeDescriptionAction TagsPeople TagsDurationRatingSpeed
Loop0:01.11Good block by JeremyGood Play17. Jeremy1031
Loop0:05.45Save by BeauSaveGK. Beau1021
Loop0:06.52Goal by EthanGoal7. Ethan1541
Loop0:08.16Opposition GoalOpp Goal1021
Loop0:19.12Shot by Ethan, pass by JeremyShot7. Ethan1331
Loop0:23.04Opposition GoalOpp Goal1021
Loop0:24.40Opposition GoalOpp Goal1021
Loop0:01.00Shot by EthanShot7. Ethan1531
Loop0:01.49Goal by Ethan, assist from JoelGoal7. Ethan1541
Loop0:07.00Goal by Pat. Free kick by Pat.Tom, Ethan, Jesse and Lucas involved.Goal12. Patrick, 13. Jesse, 14. Tom, 20. Lucas, 7. Ethan1541
Loop0:12.14One knee save by BeauSaveGK. Beau621
Loop0:12.26Goal by Jesse, off the bar by Pat, good cross from EthanGoal12. Patrick, 13. Jesse, 7. Ethan1541
Loop0:15.32Opposition GoalOpp Goal1021
Loop0:22.09Free kick by LucasGood Play20. Lucas1531
Loop0:22.57Shot by Pat, ball through by EthanShot12. Patrick, 7. Ethan1531
Loop0:24.16Shot by LucasShot20. Lucas1531
Loop0:25.44Did he touch it?Funny7. Ethan1021