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LoopTimeDescriptionAction TagsPeople TagsDurationRatingSpeed
Loop0:01.09Good ball from Dane to Ben, almost through. Good Play82. Dane, 83. Ben, 86. Cameron, 89. Joel N, 91. Joshua, Will3031
Loop0:04.04Good ball by Dane to SolGood Play82. Dane, 87. Soliman, 88. Joel M, Will2731
Loop0:05.21Opposition Goal. 0-1Opp Goal1021
Loop0:09.44Shot by Rihaan, just kept out, cross from Sol, over by Joel MShot87. Soliman, 88. Joel M, 93. Ewan, 94. Rihaan2531
Loop0:11.34Opposition Goal. 0-2Opp Goal1521
Loop0:18.08Opposition Goal. 0-3Opp Goal1221
Loop0:20.16Goal by Ethan with a nice flick, from Sol's free kick. 1-3Goal84. Ethan, 87. Soliman1541
Loop0:21.31Shot by Sol from the free kickShot87. Soliman1531
Loop0:22.55Save by SkyeSave85. Skye1021
Loop0:00.48Good tackle by Cam, passing from LachieP, Rihaan, SkyeGood Play86. Cameron, 90. Lachlan P2531
Loop0:02.35Save by EthanSave84. Ethan1021
Loop0:03.03Opposition Goal from the corner. 1-4Opp Goal1521
Loop0:04.19Shot by LachlanP, lay off by Skye, lead up by Ewan, Rami, Jeremy, JoelMGood Play, Shot80. Rami, 85. Skye, 88. Joel M, 90. Lachlan P, 92. Jeremy, 93. Ewan2531
Loop0:07.31Great Goal by Ewan from the free kick 2-4Goal93. Ewan1541
Loop0:13.31Goal by Joel M, free kick and assist by Ewan. Passes by Rami and Cam. 3-4Goal, Shot80. Rami, 86. Cameron, 88. Joel M, 93. Ewan3031
Loop0:19.56Good Goal by Rihaan, pass from Ewan, throw by Jeremy. 4-4Goal1341
Loop0:01.47Opposition Goal. 4-5Opp Goal1021
Loop0:09.18Shot by Sol, chase by Joel MShot1531