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LoopTimeDescriptionAction TagsPeople TagsDurationRatingSpeed
Loop0:01.24Touch by 86. Cameron Good 1-2 with LachiePTouch86. Cameron, 90. Lachlan P1011
Loop0:01.42Touch by 86. Cameron. Throw and good cutbackTouch86. Cameron, 90. Lachlan P1011
Loop0:02.28Touch by 86. Cameron. Good pass back to keeperTouch81. Lachlan A, 86. Cameron1011
Loop0:02.49Touch by 86. Cameron. Good defenceTouch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:03.25Touch by 86. Cameron. Better DefenceTouch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:04.02Touch by 86. Cameron. Good first time pass.Touch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:05.56Touch by 86. Cameron. ShoulderTouch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:06.15Touch by 86. Cameron. Looking for the 1-2Touch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:07.15Touch by 86. Cameron. 1-2 with LachieP, then to EwanTouch86. Cameron, 90. Lachlan P1011
Loop0:09.23Touch by 86. Cameron. Pass to EwanTouch86. Cameron, 93. Ewan1011
Loop0:09.41Touch by 86. Cameron. Good ball down the line to RihaanTouch86. Cameron, 94. Rihaan1011
Loop0:13.39Touch by 86. Cameron. CornerTouch86. Cameron1211
Loop0:14.38Touch by 86. Cameron. ThrowTouch86. Cameron, 89. Joel N1011
Loop0:14.54Touch by 86. Cameron. Throw, flick by Lachie P.Touch, Skills86. Cameron, 90. Lachlan P1011
Loop0:20.48Touch by 86. Cameron. Throw, skills by SolTouch86. Cameron, 87. Soliman1911
Loop0:21.14Touch by 86. Cameron. ThrowTouch85. Skye, 86. Cameron2011
Loop0:22.35Touch by 86. Cameron. Save the cornerTouch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:24.16Touch by 86. Cameron. Clearance?Touch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:24.44Touch by 86. Cameron. Good drive, Sol offsideTouch86. Cameron, 87. Soliman1511
Loop0:27.32Touch by 86. Cameron. Quick, first time to safetyTouch86. Cameron, 93. Ewan, 95. Finlay1011
Loop0:06.36Touch by 86. Cameron. ThrowTouch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:09.14Touch by 86. Cameron. Pass, good skill by Ben to EthanTouch83. Ben, 84. Ethan, 86. Cameron1011
Loop0:11.46Touch by 86. Cameron. Throw to Joel, to Fin to LachiePTouch86. Cameron, 89. Joel N, 90. Lachlan P, 95. Finlay1011
Loop0:18.25Touch by 86. Cameron. Throw to Rihaan, good skills by RihaanTouch86. Cameron1411
Loop0:19.05Touch by 86. Cameron. ThrowTouch86. Cameron, 94. Rihaan1011
Loop0:19.42In the faceFunny86. Cameron521
Loop0:26.51Touch by 86. Cameron. Intercept, first timeTouch86. Cameron1011
Loop0:28.43Touch by 86. Cameron. ThrowTouch86. Cameron1011