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LoopTimeDescriptionAction TagsPeople TagsDurationRatingSpeed
Loop0:13.59Goal by Jesse, assist by EwanGoal13. Jesse, 18. Ewan1541
Loop0:12.13Goal by Josh, assist by Jesse and CamGoal10. Cameron, 13. Jesse, 16. Josh1541
Loop0:04.09Goal by Jesse, assist by LucasGoal13. Jesse, 20. Lucas1341
Loop0:09.51Goal by Dane, assist by JesseGoal13. Jesse, 4. Dane1541
Loop0:04.22Goal by Jesse, on the volleyGoal13. Jesse1551
Loop0:07.48Goal by Jesse, assist by RamiGoal13. Jesse, 2. Rami1541
Loop0:09.46Goal by Ben, assist by Jesse, AddiGoal13. Jesse, 6. Ben, 8. Addi1541
Loop0:15.42Goal by JesseGoal13. Jesse1041
Loop0:16.49Goal by Jesse, Great run and assist by AddiGoal13. Jesse, 8. Addi1741
Loop0:18.44Goal by Jesse, assist by RamiGoal13. Jesse1741
Loop0:13.41Goal by Jesse, assist by JoshGoal13. Jesse1241
Loop0:15.55Goal by Jesse, assist by BenGoal13. Jesse1541
Loop0:23.10Goal by Jesse, assist by Dane, CamGoal10. Cameron, 13. Jesse, 4. Dane2041
Loop0:16.04Goal by Jesse, assist by JoshGoal13. Jesse, 16. Josh1531
Loop0:06.20Goal by Jesse, good shot from RamiGoal13. Jesse, 2. Rami1541
Loop0:17.34Goal by JesseGoal13. Jesse, 19. Aiden, 4. Dane1541
Loop0:18.26Goal by Jesse, assist by JoshGoal13. Jesse, 16. Josh1541
Loop0:16.41Goal from Jesse, corner from LucasGoal13. Jesse, 20. Lucas1241
Loop0:08.58Placed into the corner by Jesse. Ball through by AidenGoal13. Jesse, 19. Aiden1541
Loop0:07.37Goal by Jesse, off the under side of the barGoal13. Jesse1541
Loop0:06.59Through ball by AJ and Jesse, cross by Dane, goal by MorganGoal, Passing13. Jesse, 3. Morgan, 4. Dane, GK. AJ1541
Loop0:08.22Goal by Morgan, run and shot by Jesse, header by EwanGoal13. Jesse, 18. Ewan, 3. Morgan1641
Loop0:08.23Goal by Morgan. Assist by Jesse, pass from Daniel and CamGoal10. Cameron, 11. Daniel, 13. Jesse, 3. Morgan1541
Loop0:16.56Great Team Goal, scored by Jesse. Touched by EVERY field player.Goal11. Daniel, 13. Jesse, 15. Joel, 2. Rami, 4. Dane, 6. Ben, 7. Ethan, 9. Hayley3541
Loop0:12.48Goal by Jesse. Assist from Hayley.Goal13. Jesse, 4. Dane, 9. Hayley1541
Loop0:23.35Goal by Jesse, assist by Ewan and AddiGoal13. Jesse, 18. Ewan, 8. Addi1541
Loop0:12.22Goal by Jesse, assist by Lucas.Goal13. Jesse, 17. Jeremy, 20. Lucas1541
Loop0:06.54Goal by Ethan, assist by JesseGoal13. Jesse, 7. Ethan1541
Loop0:17.59Goal by Jesse, corner by JoshGoal13. Jesse, 16. Josh1041
Loop0:19.47Goal by Jesse, assist by EthanGoal13. Jesse, 7. Ethan1141
Loop0:26.38Goal by Jesse, assist by EthanGoal13. Jesse, 7. Ethan1541
Loop0:10.49Goal by Jesse, right foot into the top cornerGoal13. Jesse1541
Loop0:13.19Goal by Jesse, Free kick by Ewan, assist by RamiGoal13. Jesse, 18. Ewan, 2. Rami1541
Loop0:15.00Goal by Jesse, placed into the cornerGoal13. Jesse1541
Loop0:07.00Goal by Pat. Free kick by Pat.Tom, Ethan, Jesse and Lucas involved.Goal12. Patrick, 13. Jesse, 14. Tom, 20. Lucas, 7. Ethan1541
Loop0:12.26Goal by Jesse, off the bar by Pat, good cross from EthanGoal12. Patrick, 13. Jesse, 7. Ethan1541
Loop0:05.24Goal by Jesse from the corner by LucasCorner, Goal13. Jesse, 20. Lucas1051