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LoopTimeDescriptionAction TagsPeople TagsDurationRatingSpeed
Loop0:01.03Goal by Lucas, pass by JeremyGoal17. Jeremy, 20. Lucas1541
Loop0:06.29Goal by Jeremy, pass from AidenGoal17. Jeremy1541
Loop0:13.55Shot by Josh, header pass by JeremyShot16. Josh1231
Loop0:18.00Goal by Lucas, good tackle and pass from AidenGoal19. Aiden, 20. Lucas1531
Loop0:18.50Pick on someone your own sizeFunny10. Cameron421
Loop0:19.26Good run and goal by Rami Goal2. Rami1341
Loop0:20.10VAR - Goal by Lucas, assist from Rami - OVERTURNEDGood Play2. Rami, 20. Lucas1841
Loop0:21.53Shot by Josh, good assist from PatShot12. Patrick, 16. Josh1441
Loop0:23.07Good run from EwanGood Play18. Ewan1531
Loop0:24.04Goal by Lucas, free kick by CamGoal10. Cameron, 20. Lucas1341
Loop0:24.40Shot by Jesse, intercept and ball through by PatShot13. Jesse1331
Loop0:01.23Great run by Aiden, shot from Pat, then JesseShot12. Patrick, 13. Jesse, 19. Aiden1531
Loop0:04.05Header by Lucas, cross from Pat, throw by RamiShot12. Patrick, 2. Rami, 20. Lucas1031
Loop0:05.03Goal by Josh. Beating a few.Goal16. Josh1541
Loop0:05.43Shot by Lucas, lead up by JoshShot20. Lucas1531
Loop0:11.45Goal by Cam, great nutmeg by JeremyGoal10. Cameron, 17. Jeremy1541
Loop0:13.48Shot by LucasShot2. Rami, 20. Lucas1531
Loop0:18.11Shot by RamiShot2. Rami1031
Loop0:19.55Good run by Pat, pass to EwanGood Play12. Patrick, 18. Ewan1531
Loop0:20.56Goal by Josh, into the cornerGoal16. Josh1041
Loop0:21.37Good Play by Josh and Ewan, over the top by JesseGood Play13. Jesse, 16. Josh, 18. Ewan1431