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LoopTimeDescriptionAction TagsPeople TagsDurationRatingSpeed
Loop0:02.09Good tackle from CamGood Play, Defence10. Cameron1031
Loop0:02.32Defence from CameronDefence10. Cameron1011
Loop0:03.08Defence from CameronDefence, Touch10. Cameron1011
Loop0:11.50Good passing and switchGood Play, Passing10. Cameron, 18. Ewan, 2. Rami, 3. Morgan1531
Loop0:12.48Intercept from CameronDefence, Touch10. Cameron1011
Loop0:14.15Good passing from Addi and Cam, good drive from EwanGood Play, Passing10. Cameron, 18. Ewan, 8. Addi1531
Loop0:17.22Cameron in a battleDefence, Touch10. Cameron1031
Loop0:17.49Defence from CameronDefence, Touch10. Cameron1011
Loop0:17.59Defence from CameronDefence, Touch10. Cameron1011
Loop0:19.17Fake and pass from CameronDefence, Touch10. Cameron1011
Loop0:20.34Shoulder from CameronDefence, Touch10. Cameron1011
Loop0:21.04Solid defence from CameronDefence10. Cameron1011
Loop0:22.48Good Defence from Cameron, under his skinDefence10. Cameron1511
Loop0:02.08Defence by CameronDefence10. Cameron1011
Loop0:03.18Keeping Possession with the new formation. 14 passes.Good Play, Passing10. Cameron, 18. Ewan, 2. Rami, 4. Dane, 8. Addi, 9. Hayley4331
Loop0:05.17Chase and block by CameronDefence10. Cameron1011
Loop0:06.34First time touch by CameronTouch, Defence10. Cameron1011
Loop0:08.23Goal by Morgan. Assist by Jesse, pass from Daniel and CamGoal10. Cameron, 11. Daniel, 13. Jesse, 3. Morgan1541
Loop0:19.56First time touch by Cameron from the opposition goalkickTouch, Defence10. Cameron1011
Loop0:20.13Back to keeper by CameronDefence10. Cameron1011
Loop0:23.17In the line of passDefence10. Cameron1011
Loop0:24.41Scrabbling defenceDefence10. Cameron1011